Don’t Pull the Plug on Remote School | Will Richardson | 3 Min Read

If there is any good news that has come from the last 16 months of disruption in schools it may be that a small but not insignificant segment of students around the world actually flourished in online, remote school environments. Their grades improved, they were happier, and their general sense of wellness improved. In other words, they found a better way of doing school. 

So why is it then that so many schools (and some states) are now saying they will not offer a remote option this coming school year?

Honestly, it’s just another example of why my general sense of schools and schooling is increasingly troubled. Once again, we’re not putting our children first. 

No question, running a school is complex, and difficult. In these pandemic times, that’s been especially true. Five-year “strategic plans” have turned into five-day plans. And I’m not suggesting that given the current typical school design that we can meet every child’s needs every time. 

But in this moment of transition in the world, it’s fair to challenge all of our designs at a fundamental level. We might ask who benefits most in the decisions we choose to make? 

In not offering…

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Will Richardson

A former public school educator of 22 years, Will Richardson has spent the past 15 years developing an international reputation as a leading thinker and writer about the intersection of social online learning networks, education, and systemic change. Most recently, Will is a co-founder of The Big Questions Institute which was created to help educators use “fearless inquiry” to make sense of this complex moment and an uncertain future. In 2017, Will was named one of 100 global “Changemakers in Education” by the Finnish site HundrED, and was named one of the Top 5 “Edupreneurs to Follow” by Forbes. He has given keynote speeches, lead breakout sessions, and provided coaching services in over 30 countries on 6 continents. He has also authored six books, and given TEDx Talks in New York, Melbourne, and Vancouver.