Digital Learning Annual Conference | June 14-16, 2021 Austin, TX
19 Jan

Digital Learning Annual Conference | June 14-16, 2021 Austin, TX | January 19, 2021

  • - Event started : January 19, 2021 |

Hybrid DLAC

When COVID-19 began to impact the United States in spring of 2020, we first responded by moving DLAC from its planned February 2021 dates, to June 14-16, 2021.

Now we have announced a further response: DLAC 2021 will be hybrid—both on-site and online. Here’s what we know and what we are still figuring out.

On-site DLAC
On-site DLAC will run on the same schedule as previous years, starting mid-day on Monday and ending mid-day on Wednesday. We are making some changes to session times, but overall the conference will be similar to 2020’s schedule, which you can view here.

We don’t yet know how many people we will be able to have join us on-site in Austin. The final number will depend on the latest vaccine availability, social distancing, CDC guidelines, and other factors. Depending on these factors, on-site DLAC may look very much like past years’ DLACs, or quite different. We may, for example, shift some sessions to outside, on the restaurant patio, or around the pool. We may change the receptions on both evenings from taking place in the reception hall to being held across the entire hotel and grounds, to increase social distancing.

Based on the current hotel capacity as required by social distancing measures, we are limiting onsite registration to 500 people. We may or may not be able to increase that number as we get closer to June. We are currently at just under 50% full, not accounting for speakers who have indicated that they would like to present at DLAC in Austin.

DLAC Online
DLAC Online will take place in three segments:

  • On June 8 we will have an online conference opening and sessions. We have not yet finalized timing but we anticipate the sessions being offered in a mid-day (US central time) block of about three hours.

  • On June 14-16, we will offer online programming during most of the hours of the on-site conference. On-site attendees are welcome to join online sessions.

  • On June 30 we will present a final DLAC encore. Similar to the online sessions on June 8, this will be a several hour block offered mid-day.

DLAC Online will include presentations, discussions, and networking opportunities. We are planning for extensive use of break-out rooms to allow for small group video discussions. Other sessions will be presentations in which attendee participation will be via text chat.

We expect the topics to be similar in both the on-site and online formats.

We are also planning to live-stream several sessions from Austin, to give online attendees a connection to the onsite conference. We anticipate streaming the opening and closing general sessions, plus at least one session during most (if not all) break-out periods. We will have a moderator onsite in these rooms to be able to interact with online attendees to make sure that they can have questions and comments addressed as well. We are also planning interviews to be live streamed from Austin with presenters, sponsors, DLAC advisors, and others.

Registering for DLAC
As explained on our registration page, registration is now available for DLAC Online (only) or for All Access DLAC, which is on-site plus online. We anticipate that on-site attendees may wish to join some online sessions, and the All Access pass (at the same rate as the previous on-site rate) allows attendees to do so.