100 School Recruitment Partnership for Independent Schools

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Annual Membership: $5,000 a year- limited to 100 Schools.

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The partnership launched in March 2022 addresses the No.1 ranked future strategy for recruitment from the Feb. 2022 OESIS Heads Survey, just completed by 82 Heads of School. As the Great Resignation, pandemic burnout, inflation, and polarization place pressure on the supply base of independent school teachers, OESIS and Intrepid Ed News announce an Ad Partnership membership model for 100 Independent Schools: one that allocates the inventory described below between schools.

The Who

Around 85,000 full-time teachers and administrators serve the 579K independent school students in the U.S. Intrepid ED News was built around the 10-year-old OESIS independent school-focused network of conferences, research, and PD platforms: in just over a year Intrepid Ed News has reached 63K active readers, 47k of them in the U.S., a monthly readership of over 14K in the last 30 days and a monthly growth rate of new users above 10% (Source: Google Analytics).

The How & Where.

These readers can be targeted by geographic state clusters (see our regional breakdown of readers below in two images) for teacher job advertising. With each reader often reading two articles per visit, giving typically 6-8 ad opportunities per visit, this very large ad inventory spacing is modeled on major news digital platforms like the NY Times.

The When

We are able to provide stats by views and clicks monthly and ad design services if needed. Preference for the first cohort of 100 schools will be for OESIS member schools and non-member schools pay 30% more.

What Else

Apply Now for Intrepid Ad Partner School Membership. International subscriptions and sponsorships will be considered for our top six foreign country readerships separately.