Debbie Ayers, Upper School Assistant Director and Academic Dean, at Flint Hill School (VA)

Pat Bassett, former president, NAIS – National Association of Independent Schools – and ISACS—the Independent Schools Association of the Central States, and Head of School … Read more

Matt Bavone, Latin Teacher and Academic Technologist, St. Luke’s School (CT)

Jessica Cavallaro, Middle School Social Science Department Head and Eighth-Grade Social Science Teacher, Pine Crest School (FL), is the co-founder of The Agile Mind, which interweaves Agile frameworks into K-12 education. She is passionate about the benefits of project based learning and creating purposeful education to drive innovation through inquiry.

Nathaniel W. Coffman, Ed.D., Head of School & President, The Prairie School (WI)

Jared Colley,Upper School Head of Learning & Innovation, The Mount Vernon School (GA) and OESIS Network Leader … Read more

Toby Elmore is an Upper School History Teacher at The Stevenson School (CA).

Megan Gray is the Chief Communications Officer for The Alexander Dawson School in Las Vegas, NV, where she has worked for more than a decade.  Read more

Nick Haisman-Smith is the Executive Director at the Institute for Social and Emotional Learning and a doctoral researcher at the University of Bristol, UK, focusing on social and emotional learning, educator well-being, and education policy. Read more

Roslynn Jackson is a Middle School Science Teacher at Pine Crest School (Fort Lauderdale). She is The Agile Mind Co-Founder | Entrepreneur | Educator with a passion for encouraging students of all ages to use failures as the stepping stones to success.  Read more

Haiyun Lu, a Chinese language teacher at the University School of Milwaukee (WI), is also a writer, blogger, trainer, curriculum designer, meditator, and Co-Founder at Ignite Chinese.

Kate Parsons, Head of School and COO, Portal Schools, is responsible for developing school design and instructional components, overseeing logistics, enrollment and accreditations, as well as hiring and managing staff, partners, and consultants. Read more

Sharon Saline, Psy.D. is a top expert in ADHD and neurodiversity. Dr. Saline specializes in an integrative approach to managing ADHD, anxiety, executive functioning skills, learning differences and mental health issues in neurodiverse and 2e children, teens, college-age adults and families.  Read more

Matthew Troutman, Ph.D., Head of School, Thomas Jefferson School (MO), since July 1, 2020, has served on Thomas Jefferson’s faculty since 2011, most recently, as director of teaching and learning. Read more

Editorial Team

Joel Backon, Editor, Intrepid Ed News. Vice-President, OESIS Network… Read more

Tara Quigley, Intrepid Ed News Curated Collections Editor; Director of Miss Fine’s Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, and 6th Grade Humanities Teacher, Princeton Day School (NJ), and OESIS Network Leader … Read more

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