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Why Discussion Matters for Mattering: How to Teach Students the Power of Speaking & Listening | Liza Garonzik | 8 Min Read

October 30, 2023 For many teachers, class discussion is a chance to dive into content: to unearth new meaning in a text, debate the impact of a historical event, draw connections among ideas.  At R.E.A.L.® we believe all of those things are true—but in...

Can We Talk, Will We Talk, and How We Talk: The Keys to Understanding and Purpose | Editorial | 4 Min Read

October 25, 2023 These past two weeks of October have tried our ability to communicate. Free speech, either oral or written, has been tested. For educators, it is a poignant moment. Has our hard work yielded benefits for our students or are we playing...

One-Size-Fits-One When Building a Blueprint for Life | Elaine Griffin | 10 Min Read

October 24, 2023 Newsflash: Getting into college shouldn’t be any child’s central goal. Or so says Ana Homayoun in her new book, Erasing the Finish Line. I emphatically agree with her. “The false finish line created around college admissions,” Homayoun contends, “is not just...

Giving Kids a New Way to Think About Business: Doughnut Economics and More | Michelle Blanchet | 4 Min Read

October 9, 2023 It can sometimes feel like there is an unnecessary amount of fear-mongering in the education space. From students falling behind because of COVID-19 to uncertainty about the future, there seems to be a greater emphasis on what can go wrong instead...

Mentoring Kids Through Their Digital Coming of Age: A Conversation with Devorah Heitner | Elaine Griffin | 7 Min Read

September 28, 2023 The U.S. surgeon general’s warning last May about the heightened dangers social media poses to young people’s mental health has understandably reignited many parents’ fears about their children’s engagement with online apps.  Want some help in dousing the flames? Dr. Devorah...

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