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Should the People of Color Conference be for People of Color? | Sanje Ratnavale | 9 Min Read

September 19, 2023 It was 2004 when a teacher of color was sent by the girls’ school at which he taught to Hawaii for the People of Color Conference (POCC). Coincidently, it was also the start of a movement at independent schools to challenge...

If Equity Is a Priority, Let’s Make It a Priority For Everybody | Joel Backon | 14 Min Read

August 10, 2023 I still appreciate the opportunities I had as a small child because my mother was a reading teacher. In kindergarten, Miss Brown ultimately turned over the responsibility for class reading in a circle to me. In third grade, we read assigned...

The PD Revolution: Nurture the Natural Changemaker, Step 3 (Summer Series) | Darcy Bakkegard | 7 Min Read

July 13, 2023 What if professional development were seamlessly integrated into the day-to-day operation of every school and district? What if districts or departments within a school collaborated on relevant training? What if professional learning was about not just developing skills but solving challenges...

Building Bridges… Even With Those Who Dehumanize? | Kent Lenci | 6 Min Read

June 12, 2023 When I was fresh from college and unsure what came next, I found myself in a career-counseling session that suggested I wasn’t very good at a great many things. Still, there was hope for me, given my instinct to connect. I...

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