Are you truly teaching 21st Century Skills? Can you prove it? | Robbie Taylor | 5 Min Read

January 2, 2023

Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication, and Collaboration (the “4 C’s”) are frequently cited among the skills[1]Sometimes called “Higher-Order Thinking Skills”. For Psychomotor Skills, stay tuned to a new paper in March 2023, and peruse the 2018 version here employers and colleges find desirable, and they’re a hallmark of independent school mission and vision statements and graduate profiles. At the Center for Curriculum Redesign (CCR) and in partnership with the Brookings Institution, we also found these skills showing up in the vision statements of nearly all of the 20+ states, provinces, and countries we deeply studied. Though they’re stated as a priority, none of our studied jurisdictions had mechanisms to help teachers teach them, or to measure student proficiency, unlike content such as literacy or numeracy. What about your school?

As the field lacks deliberate, demonstrable, systematic, comprehensive, and explicit approaches, Independent schools can leverage these novel strategies as a key differentiator.

With our school partners, we work to dispel these notions and partner with teachers in research-backed best practices of high-quality skill instruction. A starting point is the following three-step process: 

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1 Sometimes called “Higher-Order Thinking Skills”. For Psychomotor Skills, stay tuned to a new paper in March 2023, and peruse the 2018 version here

Rob Taylor

Rob Taylor is CCR researcher, and is passionate about school reform and equipping students with creative thinking skills. Previously, he served in a half-administrator, half-teaching role at Austin Preparatory School. As curriculum coordinator, where he implemented an elective-based humanities curriculum, redesigned the faculty evaluation system, and led a Design Sprint to craft a new master schedule, advisory schedule, and disciplinary model. As a filmmaking teacher, he piloted mastery learning in his courses and founded a student media organization, and received the school’s award for outstanding teaching in 2017. He now is a member of Harvard Graduate School of Education’s School Leadership Program. He is the director and host of a candlepin bowling show for kids, called Candlepin New Generation, and recently crowdfunded his first board game One Hit Wonder.