Author: Colleen O’Boyle

Colleen A. O’Boyle believes it is not enough to prepare students for their time in the classroom, but for life. O’Boyle has a deep responsibility to prepare students for a life of leadership and innovation. This process begins early when we position young minds to become active in their own decision-making with the help and guidance of trusted adults. Serving as the assistant head of school for academic affairs at La Jolla Country Day School, she leads a group of remarkable faculty, staff, students, and parents/guardians. O’Boyle grew up with a balance between the arts and sciences. Her mother, a crafter and oil painter, placed a great emphasis on music and the arts, while her father, a former leader in the telecommunication industry, ensured his children were exposed to cutting-edge science, innovation and technology. O’Boyle’s husband, Isaac, a scientist and fellow leader in education, has a great passion for schools of the future and how we can position students to make a difference in this world. Formerly a faculty member of High Tech High in San Diego and a founding member and principal of the Da Vinci School in Los Angeles.