EQ Vs. IQ: Which Is More Important | Joshua Freedman

We often hear people talk about IQ, as an important indicator for success, but what is the difference between EQ and IQ? Which one is more important? In this video we break down the definition of IQ and EQ, and discuss the ramification of such differentiation, and the benefits of both types of intelligence. What is the case for emotional intelligence and are you wondering how you can develop it? Research shows that the skills that have the greatest impact on life success are not cognitive skills but the majority of performance is explained by emotional intelligence or what are typically referred to as “soft skills”. The great news is Emotional Intelligence is learnable and you can increase it with practice and easy simple steps.

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Joshua Freedman

Joshua Freedman, CEO, Six Seconds, is one of the pioneers in the field of emotional intelligence; he cofounded Six Seconds in 1997, is the bestselling author of At the Heart of Leadership and five other books and six validated psychometric assessments on EQ, and contributor to many EQ programs including Coaching Equity Essentials. He’s also an instructor at Columbia Teachers College SPA administrative credential program; he is cocreator of the world’s largest social emotional learning program, POP-UP Festival ­— in partnership with UNICEF World Children’s Day, bringing skills for emotional wellbeing to millions of children & adults in 200+ countries.