EQ vs IQ: Why it Matters What You Measure | Joshua Freedman | 6 Min Read

Imagine a school whose graduates were dedicated to the greater good. What difference would these young people be making in the world? What would they have learned that helped them do so, and how would that have happened? Such a school would make social-emotional learning as much a priority as academic learning. Skills such as empathy would have as much focus and attention as addition and grammar. Students would experience a robust, meaningful curriculum layered over years — with assessments and applications of their learning.

How many hours have you spent learning math and science in your life? Think about kindergarten all the way through high school or university. Hundreds, probably thousands of hours of instruction, homework, tests, and projects? Even tens of thousands? In contrast: how many hours have you spent learning about emotions? How do feelings work in our brains and bodies? How do you recognize, label, and transform them in yourself and others? For most people in the world, the answer is almost none. Most have not encountered the school described above.

Considering how we’ve been educated, is it surprising where we find ourselves at this stage in history, as we enter the 4th Industrial…

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Joshua Freedman

Joshua Freedman, CEO, Six Seconds, is one of the pioneers in the field of emotional intelligence; he cofounded Six Seconds in 1997, is the bestselling author of At the Heart of Leadership and five other books and six validated psychometric assessments on EQ, and contributor to many EQ programs including Coaching Equity Essentials. He’s also an instructor at Columbia Teachers College SPA administrative credential program; he is cocreator of the world’s largest social emotional learning program, POP-UP Festival ­— in partnership with UNICEF World Children’s Day, bringing skills for emotional wellbeing to millions of children & adults in 200+ countries.