Get More Out of Board Meetings with Big Visible Information Radiators | Simon Holzapfel | 3 Min Read

March 19, 2024

For fifteen years I’ve attended Board meetings at several different schools with different meeting formats. Board members are usually volunteering time, usually during their business hours. And often, we’re not making good use of that time. In the past two years I’ve started to realize how much time is being spent not working in board meetings. In one example, even though we received board reports in advance of the meeting, often a quarter or more of each meeting was spent simply listening to recitations of the board report. Once the data was discussed, about halfway through a given session, the real work began—the question asking, the option generation and weighing and so on. 

Current condition

In our dynamic school landscape Boards have to develop and deploy strategy at high speed and with a minimum of extra steps or delay. Heads need to find ways to get more out of Board meetings and out of the precious time when the Board can get to the work of strategy. 


To accelerate the development of strategy at the Board level, Heads can partner with the Board to reformat Board meetings and get more done. They can also use…

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Simon Holzapfel

Simon Holzapfel is an award-winning educator, thought leader, innovator, and writer. He is a co-founder and CEO of the L-eaf Lab, as well as a former Head of School, former Director of Studies, and current Board Chair of The Montessori School of the Berkshires. Simon was in the initial cohort of leaders trained at NAIS’ Innovation Strategy Lab and spent time on the Executive Board of Boston University’s Agile Innovation Lab. Simon is a certified Scrum Master (CSM), Certified ImprovementKATA (LIK) & WorkFLOW (LWF) and a member of the Berkshire Innovation Center. Applying four years of experience on the New York State Association of Independent Schools [NYSAIS] Commission on Accreditation, Simon has spent years helping organizations and their teams improve their outcomes by applying lean system thinking and the agile mindset. He lives in Williamstown, MA, and spends as much time as he responsibly can each day on his skis or mountain bike.