How do we respond to the U.S. Capitol Insurrection? Part II | Anabel Jensen | 5 Min Read

In Part I, we explored the history of the U.S. Capitol insurrections, the reassuring pattern of failure in these attacks, which should bring some reassurance to us all, and the notion of thriving and recovering after emotionally disruptive events. Part II explores the specific SEL techniques that can be used to support the goals of Part I.

Connect your actions with a “noble goal.”

One way to thrive during uncertain times and practice golden joinery, is to tie your actions to noble goals. At Six Seconds, we believe that a critical component of emotional intelligence is pursuing noble goals. A noble goal typically contains a verb (expressing how to pursue it) and a goal of what you want to add to the world. According to our model, there are five criteria that need to be met for a goal to qualify as a noble goal:

1. Not complete in your lifetime.

It is enduring and inspiring, something beyond the daily struggle. This helps you maintain a long-term focus so you can avoid the confusion of short-term thinking (example: belief in a long-term democratic republic).

2. Pointed outward.

While you will benefit, the focus is on others. This…

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Anabel Jensen

With over 30 years of pioneering work in emotional intelligence education, Anabel Jensen is an inspiring and caring speaker who helps people find the best in themselves and each other. Anabel says people pay attention to less than 30% of what you say, but 70% of what you do, so she models the lessons she teaches. Anabel was the principal of Nueva School when Daniel Goleman came and wrote about the model emotional intelligence program there; under her guidance the school also won two Federal Blue Ribbon Awards for Excellence in Education. She’s started two schools, together with Karen McCown, founded the remarkable lab school educating future change makers: Synapse School. As the Founding President of Six Seconds EQ Network, Dr. Jensen has co-authored four books on teaching EQ, written numerous articles, and trained over 15,000 educators and leaders around the globe. She has taught the principles of emotional intelligence all around the world.