Summer at the Beach Intrepid Ed News Article Contest & Prizes | 1 Min Read

Enjoy your summer at the beach and express yourself for a few moments. All educators are eligible to write a brief article of approximately 500-750 words on one of the following two topics:

  • As a School Leader or Teacher: I think my profession needs…
  • For Anyone including Parents and Students: My pandemic lightbulb moment was…

All submissions will be due to the Editor of Intrepid Ed News by July 15, 2021. Submissions will be reviewed by the Intrepid Ed News staff, who will select the 10 best articles from the three topics above. Since we expect to see many excellent articles, some will be published during the summer, while the 10 finalists will go to a panel of judges selected from a mix of education leaders, school heads, academic administrators, and classroom teachers.

The criteria for judging will be based on

  • The originality of the ideas presented.
  • The number of good constructive suggestions embedded in the article.
  • The ability of the article to advance the thinking of independent school educators or parents.

Winners will be announced on Aug. 15, 2021: 1st Prize is $250, Second Prize is $150 and Third Prize is $100.


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Joel Backon

Joel Backon has been the Editor of Intrepid Ed News since its inception in January 2021, responsible for all educator content on the website. He joined the OESIS Network, owner of Intrepid, in 2019 as Vice President. Joel spent much of his career at Choate Rosemary Hall (CT) where for 27 years he held founding roles in Information and Academic Technology, as well as being a classroom teacher, curriculum designer, coach, dorm head, and student adviser. Prior to Choate, Joel spent 15 years in the printing and publishing industry educating printers on how to maximize their strengths and minimize weaknesses. He has crusaded to achieve consensus on the question of why we educate kids in an effort to meet the learning needs of every student.