AI in the Agile Classroom | Jessica Cavallaro | 8 Min Read

March 20, 2023

Artificial Intelligence is on the tip of every educator’s tongue as ChatGPT has suddenly emerged onto the scene. Its ability to be prompted by individual users to create whole essays undermines one of the major assessments and ways of showing knowledge that the education system has relied upon. There have been varied responses, mostly based on fear. The idea that we must ban it or find ways to identify the use of ChatGPT, lets us continue to facilitate the same practices unchanged. While this response is understandable, it is neither feasible nor in the best interests of our students. AI and new technologies are the tools that our students will need to have mastered to be competitive as well as solve complex international and ethical issues. It is an approach to problem-solving that will define their generation.

Our mindset about what learning and education are must change to our students’ point of view and recognize that the world as we know it is shifting quickly. We must become an Agile profession and model that way of thinking for our students. 

Creating Agile Classrooms

While this sounds like an intimidating change that requires billions of dollars and…

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Jessica Cavallaro

Jessica Cavallaro is the co-founder of The Agile Mind, which interweaves Agile frameworks into K-12 education. She is passionate about the benefits of project based learning and creating purposeful education to drive innovation through inquiry. She is an advocate for developing systems that give students agency. Jessica earned her Bachelor’s degree at Pace University and Master’s in Education from Mercy College.