Moving Beyond Obsolete Paradigms in Enrollment Management | Greg Martin | 7 Min Read

As I watched the commercials and halftime show of the 2022 Super Bowl, it struck me. The entire marketing plan for the event was focused on Generation X and Generation Y (Millennials), not Baby Boomers. Commercials spotlighted crypto-currency and electric vehicles, not Harley Davidson and traditional “wealth management” companies. Likewise, the halftime show consisted of artists most definitely not of the Baby Boomer generation. Instead of Bruce Springsteen or Aerosmith, we saw Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Fifty Cent, Eminem, Mary J Blige, and Kendrick Lamar. This lineup would never have had a place in a Super Bowl even five years in the past. 

In the for-profit sector, consumer habits are well-studied and taken seriously. An entire consulting field exists solely to monitor and predict consumer preferences and trends that will impact global markets. Who is buying what, why, and at what price point, are normal indicators used to develop marketing strategies and adjust products in order to meet the shifting needs and demands of consumers. This can range from shoe styles to cars to chicken sandwiches. 

Trends and demands are studied, adjusted for, maximized, and catered to. Failure to pay heed to changes within the consumer marketplace or adjust…

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Greg Martin

Greg grew up in Stone Harbor, New Jersey, and attended the Peddie School, playing football and lacrosse. Greg graduated from Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts, with a BA in Political Science. He then earned his MA in European History from Western Connecticut State University and his Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy from Drexel University. Greg continues to research, write, and present on staffing models in American boarding schools. His work has been featured in the National Association of Independent Schools magazine. Greg is a regular presenter at the annual The Association of Boarding Schools Conference. Greg has also been a guest on the Enrollment Management Association's podcast several times and has contributed to The Trustees Letter on two occasions. Greg serves on the advisory board for the Independent School MA program at Mount Holyoke College. Greg currently serves as the Humanities Chair at Vermont Academy.