Growing an Agile Mindset in the Classroom | Jessica Cavallaro | 9 Min Read

March 1, 2023

With the recent eruption of technology and specifically AI challenging traditional means of assessment, the world of education needs a dramatic shift in mindset and focus. The jobs and industries that have held constant during our formative years are no longer guaranteed to be there. When industry shifts, higher ed must adapt and so must K-12 education. As educators, we need to best prepare our students for an increasingly complex world that heavily relies on technology. Instead of continuing down the same path, we must adapt and change our mindsets towards the skills that will transcend technology and allow our students to find success no matter what changes and shifts during their lives. 

The shift we must focus on is the development of an agile mindset. This is distinctly different from a growth or fixed mindset which has dominated our lexicon for the past few years. 

A fixed mindset values expertise but discourages risk in learning or development.  A growth mindset opens up the possibilities of change, helping us acknowledge that character, skills, and knowledge can shift over time. The agile mindset goes beyond the growth mindset because it acknowledges that change can happen and openly…

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Jessica Cavallaro

As the co-founder of The Agile Mind and Chief Academic Officer of a pioneering online high school, Jessica Cavallaro is a key player in the educational revolution, infusing K-12 learning with Agile methodologies. Her 15-year tenure in education has been marked by a dedication to crafting meaningful educational experiences that drive classroom innovation and foster inquisitiveness. Jessica is dedicated to creating systems that enhance student autonomy, ensuring that every learner's voice is heard and valued. Beyond her educational leadership, Jessica is an esteemed keynote speaker, spreading her vision for transformative education and the critical role of flexibility in learning.