How Agile Helps Administrators: Beyond the Classroom Walls | Jessica Cavallaro | 7 Min Read

September 1, 2022

Employing the agile framework in the classroom is highly beneficial for students and for teachers, but the benefits extend beyond the classroom walls. 

Agile brings incredible changes to the culture of a classroom. Shifting the teacher’s focus from leader to facilitator empowers students to pull their learning (rather than teachers pushing it), creating more efficient systems. That efficiency gives time back to teachers and students to do a deeper dive into learning and explore ideas outside of the mandated content. That time is also used to build relationships, offer space for genuine conversations, and lift the mood and energy of the classroom. The time to actually work is the greatest gift for both the students and the teachers. Time is a precious resource that everyone needs more of, especially in education. 

Agile is not a template for lesson plans. It is not a classroom management system. Agile was created to open lines of communication, ease collaboration, test and deliver frequently, and reflect often. With this in mind, agility, when introduced to administrative teams, eases the burden of work for everyone.

Administrative teams have different job functions than teachers. They must run entire schools, develop curricula, manage people,…

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Jessica Cavallaro

Jessica Cavallaro is the co-founder of The Agile Mind, which interweaves Agile frameworks into K-12 education. She is passionate about the benefits of project based learning and creating purposeful education to drive innovation through inquiry. She is an advocate for developing systems that give students agency. Jessica earned her Bachelor’s degree at Pace University and Master’s in Education from Mercy College.