How Can You Do Over 30 Labs In One Science Unit? Become Agile | Roslynn Jackson | 3 Min Read

​​​Typically, how many labs do you do in your science unit? Usually, I have my students do one or two in a unit before we move on to the next concept.  This year, I’ve been able to do 36!  Well, technically not me — my students have.  And they did it by using Agile methodologies in class.

I teach six rotations of 7th-grade science. In each class, there were six teams. Each team was assigned to explain a specific aspect of our unit about rocks and minerals, their differences, and how they are used in the real world:

  • How Do Rocks Form?
  • How Do Minerals Form?
  • What Are The Differences Between Rocks and Minerals That Affect How They Are Used In The Real World?
  • How Are Rocks Used In the Real World?
  • How Are Minerals Used In the Real World?
  • Why Are Other Substances NOT Rocks Or Minerals?

Each team was required to develop a hands-on activity or lab as a part of their lesson.  At first, they were confused. Many of them asked, “Wait… WE have to come up with a lab?”  I loved that part — that healthy anxiety that produces great results.  They didn’t realize…

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Roslynn Jackson

Roslynn Jackson is The Agile Mind Co-Founder | Entrepreneur | Educator with a passion for encouraging students of all ages to use failures as the stepping stones to success. She received a Bachelor's Degree from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University and J.D. from University of Miami School of Law.