Intrinsic Motivation with Sharath Jeevan FLD Podcast Companion | Jeannette Lee-Parikh | 2 Min Read

Sharath Jeevan is the author of Intrinsic: A Manifesto to Reignite Our Inner Drive and the founder of Intrinsic Labs.

Listen to Tim Logan’s interview on the Future Learning Design Podcast produced in partnership with Intrepid Ed News: Intrinsic Motivation with Sharath Jeevan Future Learning Design Podcast

“What deeply motivates us is not the opposite of what demotivates us.”

–Sharath Jeevan

This interview with Jeevan is a combination of personal reflection, synthesis of research, and practical suggestions on intrinsic motivation about his new book, Intrinsic: A Manifesto to Reignite Our Inner Drive. According to Jeevan, the research shows that it isn’t intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation. Instead, extrinsic motivation addresses the basic creature comforts, like a living wage. In fact, extrinsic motivation weakens over time. Intrinsic motivation moves past extrinsic motivation to keep us going.

In the world of education, Jeevan points out, extrinsic motivation is the final exam and grades. He explains that education has been driven by extrinsic motivation through accountability, which shifts teachers and…

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Jeannette Parikh

Jeannette M E Lee Parikh, Ph.D., is the assistant editor for Intrepid Ed News as well as the chair of the English department and head of community reading at The Cambridge School of Weston (CSW). Before CSW, where she has been since the fall of 2010, she taught at the college level for six years. She is an ISTE Certified Teacher and OER advocate. She is an experienced practitioner of integrating department-wide academic technology that serves pedagogical and curriculum goals. Her teaching philosophy exists at the intersection of the science of learning and cultivating creative thinking, joy, curiosity, playfulness, and self-awareness in all learners. She has presented at conferences on the importance of deep reading, critical listening, authentic discussion, and strategic writing in the 21st-century classroom.