Starting the Work On How to Be Anti Racist: Beyond Allyship video | 3 Min Read

Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network

Looking for strategies on starting the work on how to be anti racist? In the urgency of this moment, Six Seconds brings together a range of experts and leaders in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion to have honest and emotional conversations to help with starting the work on how to be anti racist.

It’s hard work, emotional labor, heart work. But it is work we all must do. For too long we have not had the painful conversations about race. In this video meet experts for strategies going beyond “supporting my Black friend” and inviting all of us to do the work to move towards equity.

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Racism and emotions was the topic of multiple discussions on the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network’s livestream from June through October of 2020. With the generous permission of the speakers, we’ve aggregated the learning, created this youtube movie and tied them into a companion learning guide (see

=== CHAPTERS ===

1.The Heart of This Work 00:0001:45 Identifying systemic racism as an issue that affects all of us.

2. Perfectionism Paralysis 01:4502:38 Working through fear that prevents taking action.

3. The Violence of Silence 02:3805:31 Engaging emotionally, not just intellectually, in social justice issues.

4.Reclaiming Your Humanity 05:3109:54 Diving into self work to begin to unlearn the systems of racism in each of us.

5.Power Doesn’t Concede Itself 09:5412:06 Divesting from systematic racism by shifting power and making choices.

6.Expect Truth to Be Spoken 12:0616:31 Listening with radical respect for others’ experiences to form allyships.


The learning guide available with this video (via is intended to support professional educators and facilitators in holding a structured conversation about the film so participants can:

:: Become more aware of how racism affects people of all races.

:: Increase ability to articulate feelings around race and racism.

:: Engage with the meaning of “allyship” and how we can take individual and collective responsibility for deconstructing racism.

:: Identify and commit to steps for action

Caution: Some people may find this material challenges their assumptions and beliefs. Please use these materials only if you have sufficient training and experience to effectively facilitate a learning experience that may become emotionally charged. If you would like to receive training before using these materials, or to have a trained facilitator work with you, contact any of the speakers for advice, or the publisher at

=== EDITOR === Emma Freedman

=== SPEAKERS ===

Kamilah Drummond-Forrester, MRC, CAGS Director, Open Circle, Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity Leader, National SEED Project Wellesley Centers for Women,

Lorea Martinez, PhD HEART in Mind Consulting Adjunct at Columbia Teachers College SEL Consultant at Six Seconds Author of The EQ Educator

Dimitri A Christakis MD, MPH Editor in Chief, JAMA Pediatrics George Adkins Professor, University of Washington Director, Center for Child Health, Behavior & Development at Seattle Children’s Research Institute

Princess Ayers-Stewart Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, REI President and Chief Consultant, Ayers-Stewart Group

Michael Eatman Founder of Culture7coaching

Rev. Charity Goodwin Clayton Site Pastor, The Gathering UMC CEO, Speaking Life Leadership Empowerment Coaching

Karen T. Craddock PhD Applied Psychologist | Coach | Author Tribal Community Member in Residence, Brown University Wellesley Centers for Women, Wellesley College Co-Founder, The Wellness Collaborative Inc.

Susan Charles, Ed.D. Board of Directors, Six Seconds

Amber Coleman-Mortley Director of Social Engagement, iCivics @MomOfAllCapes

Kali Stewart Educator; MA Candidate at Columbia University Insta: @kalisklassroom

Steve Proudman Senior Consultant with White Men as Full Diversity Partners

Timothy K. Eatman, Ph.D Inaugural Dean of the Honors Living-Learning Community, and Professor of Urban Education at Rutgers University-Newark

Anabel L Jensen, Ph.D. President & Cofounder, Six Seconds

Joshua Freedman, MCC CEO & Cofounder, Six Seconds

Joshua Freedman

Joshua Freedman, CEO, Six Seconds, is one of the pioneers in the field of emotional intelligence; he cofounded Six Seconds in 1997, is the bestselling author of At the Heart of Leadership and five other books and six validated psychometric assessments on EQ, and contributor to many EQ programs including Coaching Equity Essentials. He’s also an instructor at Columbia Teachers College SPA administrative credential program; he is cocreator of the world’s largest social emotional learning program, POP-UP Festival ­— in partnership with UNICEF World Children’s Day, bringing skills for emotional wellbeing to millions of children & adults in 200+ countries.

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