Are these the skills and values you are looking for? | Jeff Burstein | 4 Min Read

March 14, 2023 

There is a lot of talk these days about how to teach basic executive functioning skills in schools as well as SEL, DEI, and stress reduction. With learning and social-emotional skill loss due to COVID, teachers are feeling the pressure to refactor existing lesson plans to include DEIJ and SEL, promote student agency, differentiate learning opportunities, and help catch up on missing skills and knowledge that might be contributing to the burnout we have been witnessing. 

As an enterprise agile coach, I would encourage teachers to simplify their job by “doing less”. For close to two decades I have coached leaders in the private and public sectors on how to engage with “knowledge workers with the intention of delivering the highest quality experience to the customer.” In that time I have leveraged many frameworks and methods, each designed to help organizations simplify and improve on Quality, Predictability, Productivity, and Employee/Customer Satisfaction. Regardless of the approach, practices, and tools, success has always come down to values and how aligned the teams of people, responsible for their delivery, are with those values. 

The skills and values found in the Learning-Educational Agile Framework (L-EAF,) support teams and their…

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Jeff Burstein

Jeff Burstein is an innovator, founder, consultant, speaker and Enterprise Lean-Agile Digital Transformation Coach with over 20 years' experience in the public and private sectors. Jeff helps companies and government agencies discover a better way of working by applying lean-agile frameworks and methodologies.  Jeff also serves as CSA (Chief Student Advocate) for the Learning Educational Agile Framework ( as a key contributor to the development and improvement of’s framework, methodologies and pedagogy.