Curating Education with Manisha Snoyer | Tanya Sheckley | 2 Min Read

March 7, 2024

On this Rebel Educator® podcast, Tanya Sheckley has a conversation with Manisha Snoyer, the CEO and Founder of Teach Your Kids, about the evolution of microschools and homeschooling, customizing education to meet the needs of each student, and embracing tech while maintaining human connections. Teach Your Kids is an exciting new podcast and online community that empowers families to play an active, informed role in their children’s education. It advocates for flexible, customized education that promotes whole child development.

Manisha’s journey has been remarkable — apart from educating over 2000 children ages preK-12th grades in three countries, she founded a non-profit during the pandemic, MasteryHour, which has been pivotal in offering free math tutoring to underserved youth. She also led the largest network of organizations supporting families impacted by school closures, serving over 100,000 families. Manisha was instrumental in sparking the microschooling movement, creating CottageClass, the first marketplace for PreK-12th grade microschools in 2015.

Teach Your Kids stands as a testament to her vision — a perfect blend of tech and education. It’s not just about homeschooling; it’s about revolutionizing how we engage with learning in the digital age. Teach Your Kids aims to blur the traditional boundaries of socialization, childcare, and education, with an emphasis on holistic child development.


  • Manisha’s experience as a tutor and how it shaped her journey into education, including personal journeys into teaching, strategies for navigating challenging conversations, the importance of balancing technology with human interaction, and speculations on future trends in education.
  • The emergence of microschools and homeschooling as alternatives to traditional education systems.
  • Manisha’s vision for the future of education and why she believes learning will become more modular.
  • How to approach difficult conversations with children. 
  • Balancing the benefits of technology with the importance of human connection.


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Tanya Sheckley

Tanya Sheckley is Founder and President of UP Academy, an elementary lab school which values innovation, empathy and strength and incorporates a unique neuro-development program for children with physical disabilities. Tanya’s vision and mission show it’s possible to celebrate differences, change what’s broken in the American education system, and that all children can receive a rigorous, well-rounded education. She is an Edpreneur, Author of Rebel Educator: Create Classrooms of Imagination and Impact and host of the Rebel Educator podcast. She speaks frequently on the future of education and entrepreneurship. She is a rebel educator who works with new and existing schools to question the status quo and develop innovative student experiences through inclusion and project-based learning.

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