Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence | Garrett Smiley | 4 Min Read

Traditional school is not even preparing students for this modern world, let alone for the bizarre
sci-fi future that’s about to knock down our door.

July 19, 2023

AI is the Swiss Army knife that will replace all other tools. Right now, it’s helping us tidy up our data, proofread our emails, and whip up some stunning graphics. But soon, it’s going to take over entire jobs. One day, a civil engineer won’t just use AI to test their blueprints or create snazzy 3D models like they are now; they’ll just blurt out what they need and get a bunch of ready-to-go projects to choose from. And it won’t stop there. A couple of generations down the line, AI and its robot minions will be the ones building the bridges.

Swiss army knife phone with picture of child holding strings on screen

Now, this might sound scary, like a bad episode of Black Mirror. But hold onto your hats, because it’s actually going to be awesome. Instead of thousands of people breaking their backs to…

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