Schools Can Learn from McDonald’s Reversal on All-Day Breakfast | Sanje Ratnavale | 10 Min Read

Before making a switch to education over 20 years ago, OESIS Network President Sanje Ratnavale had a 15-year career in finance including positions as CFO of a public company and Director at a Venture Capital Fund; he has been CFO of a K-12 independent non-profit school in L.A. for seven years managing an $80 million asset base and a $30 million budget. His passion, however, remains for teaching and learning.  

Two years ago in our COVID Survey April 2020 Report of 154 Schools (page 19) at the dawn of the pandemic, we stressed that it was time that independent schools take a cue from McDonald’s and stop the “all-day breakfast” mentality. What did we mean and did anyone take our advice?

“It is not just schools that are learning this hard lesson in product management through this crisis, but others that have allowed brand management to fall prey to ever-increasing customer demands on choice. McDonald’s recently reversed course by eliminating all-day breakfast after five years, a service they had resisted for years, but customers had demanded: all-day breakfast made customers delay breakfast purchases impacting breakfast sales in the mornings and it took away from…

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Sanje Ratnavale

Sanje founded OESIS in 2012 and serves as the President of what has grown to become the leading network for innovation at independent schools: the acronym OESIS grew from the initial focus on Online Education Strategies for Independent Schools. He has held senior administrative positions at independent schools including Associate Head of School at a K-12 school for seven years, High School Principal for three years, and CFO for seven years. Prior to making a switch to education, Sanje spent 15 years in venture capital, investment banking, and senior C-level (CEO, COO, CFO) management. He was educated at Christ Church, Oxford University (B.A. and M.A. in Law/Jurisprudence). Sanje is based out of Santa Monica.