How to Talk to Kids About Honesty | Deborah Farmer Kris

May 6, 2021

On the way home from preschool one day, my five-year-old began to tell me a fascinating story. A boy at school had hit him, he shared. “But you can’t tell the teachers about it, Mom!” Alarmed, I asked him for more details.

Apparently, he was struck with a flaming sword. It happened during recess when every single teacher was inside drinking coffee. Luckily, my son had blasters on his shoes. He pushed a button and shot himself over the fence. His friend put down the weapon and apologized. The rest of the day was great!

My son earnestly insisted that every word of his tale was true.

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Deborah Farmer Kris is a senior parenting columnist at Intrepid Ed News. This piece was originally published on PBS KIDS on Nov. 26, 2019. Click here to read the rest of the article.

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Deborah Farmer Kris

A writer, teacher, parent, and child development expert, Deborah Farmer Kris writes regularly for PBS KIDS for Parents and NPR’s MindShift; her work has been featured several times in The Washington Post; and she is the author of the All the Time picture book series (coming out in 2022) focused on social-emotional growth. A popular speaker, Deborah has a B.A. in English, a B.S. in Education, and an M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology. Mostly, she loves finding and sharing nuggets of practical wisdom that can help kids and families thrive — including her own. You can follow her on Twitter @dfkris, contact her at [email protected], or visit her website: Parenthood365 (