Teacher Wellness with Danielle Nuhfer | Tanya Sheckley | 1 Min Read

February 1, 2024

On this episode of Rebel Educator®, Tanya Sheckley has an important conversation with Danielle Nuhfer about avoiding teacher burnout and creating school cultures that are integral to the trajectory of change in education.

They discuss:

  • How classroom teaching and burnout led Danielle to finding and practicing mindfulness. 
  • Using mindfulness to change our perspectives and empower teachers.
  • The Teaching Well program and how it shifts classroom and school culture.
  • What can leaders do to prioritize the well-being of their staff.
  • Danielle’s favorite question to ask ourselves to increase awareness without judgement.
  • Why “well teachers” are integral to the trajectory of change in education.
  • Using mindfulness to create meaningful interactions in classrooms.

Danielle believes that “well teachers will change the world.” And part of how this change will happen is through educators, school leaders, and school systems finding creative ways to prioritize teacher well-being.

Danielle is the author of The Path of the Mindful Teacher which chronicles her own journey of burnout and how she found a mindfulness practice that transformed her from the inside out.  

During her 20 years as a public-school educator, she founded Teaching Well which is dedicated to helping school leaders increase teacher retention and student outcomes by choosing to prioritize well-being through professional development opportunities and teacher wellness coaching.

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Tanya Sheckley

Tanya Sheckley is Founder and President of UP Academy, an elementary lab school which values innovation, empathy and strength and incorporates a unique neuro-development program for children with physical disabilities. Tanya’s vision and mission show it’s possible to celebrate differences, change what’s broken in the American education system, and that all children can receive a rigorous, well-rounded education. She is an Edpreneur, Author of Rebel Educator: Create Classrooms of Imagination and Impact and host of the Rebel Educator podcast. She speaks frequently on the future of education and entrepreneurship. She is a rebel educator who works with new and existing schools to question the status quo and develop innovative student experiences through inclusion and project-based learning.

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