The One Who Does the Writing Does the Thinking: ChatGPT and Ethics | Carolyn Kost | 8 Min Read

February 20, 2023

At this point, you are doubtless aware of the capabilities of the ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence chatbot. This is not another case of technophobia and much ado about nothing. On the contrary, ChatGPT and similar AI tools are revolutionary and stand to challenge the way we write and search for information. 

Want to save time in writing on any given topic? Give it a prompt or a question. The result is unique and will not be duplicated. Can’t generate the right word, le mot juste? Input the sentence and voilà, your writing partner provides it. Want another set of eyes on a draft? Copy and paste it and AI will revise it with compelling prose, accurate spelling, and [generally] correct grammar. You can ask it any question as you would Google, in natural language, and the results are likely to be more reliable since it’s not doing double duty as the world’s most valuable advertising agency. My organization is already using ChatGPT for all of these functions.  

…And so are students. With just a prompt, word limit, and a few details, ChatGPT generates astonishing essays for students that are unique, creative, specific, well-structured, and grammatically…

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Carolyn Kost

Carolyn Kost is the author of Engage!: Setting the Course for Independent Secondary Schools In the 21st Century (2015). On action research: “The Importance of Evaluating Research,” Independent School, 2018. Carolyn was the Founding Chief Academic Officer of Oxbridge Academy of the Palm Beaches and is currently Principal Consultant with East West College Counseling.