The WISR Framework: A Special Coconut Thinking Podcast Episode: A conversation with Charlotte Hankin | Benjamin Freud, Ph.D.

October 28, 2022

In this special episode, Charlotte and I introduce the WISR Framework, which was designed to help educators create spaces in which a regenerative world might emerge. It is takes us from that instant where awe is a released and embodied experience to a mindset and paradigm shift where we respect the unique essence of all life. WISR is not meant to be a prescriptive model, rather it is an invitation to take learning deeper through embodied and connected experiences in and with the natural world. A call to respond through the ripples that local engagement initiates. It is a framework that reminds us of our kinship to more than human life and encourages us to express our oneness and harmony with the natural world.

Wonder: Learning is engagement with nature through an expression of awe, enchantment, mystery, and curiosity

Intra-action: Learning is empathy with nature as a result of immersion, reciprocal communication and agency

Sustainability: Learning as guided by a set of ethics that emphasize balance of energy and resources in nature

Regeneration: Learning as honoring and expressing the unique essence of every member of nature

WISR is a co-creation between Coconut Thinking (Charlotte and me) and The Learning Future (Louka Parry).

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Benjamin Freud, Ph.D.

Benjamin Freud, Ph.D. is the co-founder of Coconut Thinking, which creates learning and action experiences where all learners have a common purpose; positive impact on the welfare of the bio-collective — any living thing, sentient or plant, that has an interest in the healthfulness of the planet. Benjamin also works as the Whole School Leader of Learning and Teaching at an International School in Thailand. He was the Academic Coordinator at Misk Schools, which, as the school of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, is the most prestigious and high profile school in the kingdom. In 2018-2019, he was also the Head of Upper Primary and Middle School at Misk. Prior to this, he was Vice Principal of the Middle School and High School at the Harbour School in Hong Kong. He holds a Ph.D. in History, an MSc in Education, an MBA, an MA in International Relations, and a BA in International Affairs. Benjamin was born and grew up in Paris, France. He moved to the U.S. when he was 15 and spent 11 years there in different cities, before living in the U.K., Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, and now Thailand. He started his career in consulting for Internet start-ups in Silicon Valley in the late 1990s, working with people whose ambitions were no less than to change the world. This experience had a profound effect on Benjamin’s outlook on education, innovation, and entrepreneurialism.

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