Transparency: Building a safe space for the flow of knowledge and learning | Jeff Burstein & Brian Malig | 5 Min Read

September 18, 2023

How about if we explore the value of Transparency and discuss how, when practiced, it can serve as a building block, part of a solid foundation for learning, which will support students in their lifelong pursuit of knowledge? You can learn more about the Learning-Educational Agile Frameworks values if you check out our other articles: “Are these the skills and values you are looking for?” (Published in March by Intrepid ED News), which highlights the skills and values that drive our mission and are foundational to our framework, and “Collaboration: More than just a work of skill” (Published in June by Intrepid ED News), providing a deeper exploration of the value of Collaboration. In this article, we focus on Transparency and its profound impact on the flow of information and its crucial role in building trust in educational systems (public and private) from boardrooms into classrooms and from the classroom back into society. Transparency is a foundational value, found in many agile frameworks and highly valued in the workplace, that underpins a thriving and equitable educational ecosystem. Let’s delve into its significance and how it contributes to fostering a culture of openness, trust, and growth.

The Learning-Educational Agile Framework (L-EAF)

The world moves quickly, and falling behind is a risk. However, the values for success have stood the test of time in a rapidly changing future. Our approach allows teachers to practice creating learning environments that let students practice these skills for an ever-changing future. This innovative framework promotes collaboration, adaptability, openness to possibilities, integrity, and, of course, transparency. These values come together to create a student-centric approach to education, emphasizing the importance of personalized learning, critical thinking, and preparing students for the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Trust as the Foundation

Transparency in education is not just about sharing information; it is about building trust between all stakeholders involved. When educators, students, parents, and the community are aware of each other’s goals, intentions, and actions, it creates a foundation of trust and a sense of purpose. This trust is crucial for fostering a supportive and nurturing environment where all members feel valued and respected. As students are exposed to adults who value transparent communication, they are more likely to try and emulate the modeled behavior and feel a sense of purpose to engage actively in their learning journey, contributing to a harmonious…

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Jeff Burstein

Jeff Burstein is an innovator, founder, consultant, speaker and Enterprise Agile Coach with over 20 years experience in helping companies and government agencies discover a better way of working. The 2020 pandemic precipitated the birth of a new company. IQ4Agile was created to bring solutions to the crisis facing worldwide educational systems. The company directive is to change the education sector from legacy, rigid systems and pivot them to function and succeed at a high level in our “new reality.” Jeff initiated a collaboration of leaders from both the transformation and educational space to develop a new scaling Agile framework called It can best be defined as “an emerging open source Agile framework designed around the complexities of Education and the Education sector.” The goal is to meet the unique complexities inherent in educational systems and to switch the conversation to a student-centered focus, creating truly pull based education systems. As an organization, Jeff established so teachers can, once again, love teaching while students develop their own love of life long learning. It is in this commitment to ensure that these skills and practices are available to every student, regardless of constraints that aligns the work being done by the NativityMiguel Coalition and Jeff has held many roles as Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Program Manager, Project Manager and SAFe Enterprise Agile Coach in companies such as Florida Power and Light, USAA, Lowes, TransUnion, FedEx and many other organizations. He lives in Rock Hill, South Carolina and when he is not busy coaching-he enjoys coffee, the outdoors and spending time with his family.