Using Games to Support Children Socially and Emotionally | Today’s Class | Heather Clayton Staker

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Heather Clayton Staker|3/9/2021

I’ve restructured this podcast as a class, so that each episode going forward will teach a skill to help you blend online learning into school and home in ways that nurture all children.

Today’s class is on using games to improve children’s well-being. You’ll hear evidence for why students need social and emotional intensive care right now. Then you’ll listen to examples of teachers who are using games to connect together their community. You’ll also hear an example of using games to reduce anxiety at home.


The Impact of Social Isolation and Loneliness on the Mental Health of Children and Adolescents in the Context of COVID-19 (Publication: Rapid Systemic Review)

How to create higher performing, happier classrooms in seven moves: A playbook for teachers (Publication: Christensen Institute)

Leadership Lesson – With People Slow is Fast and Fast is Slow (Video: FranklinCovey)

Morning Meetings: Building Community in the Classroom (Video: Edutopia/Highlander Charter School)

Acton Academy Albuquerque Lip Dub 2020 (Video: Acton Academy Albuquerque)

Our New Student Experience, Fun with Friends (Video: Ready to Blend)


Make a copy of the Team-building Activities Plan. Use it to select and schedule games for your own class or home.

Heather Staker

Heather Staker is an adjunct researcher for the Christensen Institute and president of Ready to Blend. She is the co-author of Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools (San Francisco: Wiley, 2015) and co-founder of Brain Chase Productions, which produces online-learning challenges disguised as worldwide treasure hunts for students in grades 1-8.

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