Next NAIS President Candidate Series, Part 5: How will you ensure that independent schools remain independent? | Brent Kaneft & Fred Moulton | 7 Min Read

September 12, 2022

Note from the editor:

Most of our readers know that NAIS is searching for a new President. We would like the search to be a more open process, therefore subject to questions from independent school constituents. Consequently, we are publishing a series of articles with one question each to candidates for the next NAIS President. This series includes:

1. Part 1: On Curriculum & Knowledge | Sanje Ratnavale

2. Part 2: Supporting Teacher Voices | Alden Blodget

3. Part 3: Equity | Ray Ravaglia

4. Part 4: Emotional Crises & Leading From the Heart | Joshua Freedman

Question for the next NAIS President: How will you ensure that independent schools remain independent?     

As I (Brent) have written before, the “‘uniqueness’ [of each independent school] is shaped by its relationship to every other school, by the environment where it exists, and by its history and present,” and our relationship with local, state, and national governments has also shaped independent schools’ policies and programs. We are in(ter)dependent schools, but to what degree? Lately, “[t]here is definitely a sense that the old notion of the cloistered independent school (black…

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Brent Kaneft

Brent Kaneft is Head of School at Wilson Hall School, a PK-12 independent school, in South Carolina. He holds a master’s in literature from James Madison University and earned his master’s degree in educational leadership from Indiana University (Bloomington) in May 2022. Since 2016, Brent has led teacher workshops on how to translate Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE) research strategies into the classroom, and since 2020, he has focused on research-informed practices in the areas of social-emotional learning, mindfulness, and equity and inclusion. Brent’s recent publications include "The Belonging Apocalypse: Woke Bypassing, Contemplative Practices, and a Way Forward for DEI" (IntrepidEd News) and "The Problem with Nice: Moving from Congenial to Collegial Cultures" (Independent School Magazine).